We are a recruitment agency specialising in the recruitment and placement of talent across various industries and professions. Our focus is to partner with companies to improve bottom line profitability by providing optimized, efficient and practical value-adding Human Capital solutions.

We understand that organisations today experience a broad range of talent challenges that are affecting their business. We believe that all businesses essentially want two things from a recruitment partner.

The “first” is exceptional, committed and reliable talent and the “second” is affordability to acquire that talent. We strive to provide both in our partnership with our clients.


Our flexible approach means we can start the journey from wherever you are now and fulfil a range of different roles, depending on your needs. We understand that getting the right candidate for the job is of strategic importance to our clients. We take the time to accurately understand the client requirements before commencing our rigorous selection process.

We provide placement of professionals from Junior, Specialist to Management and Executives either on temporary, fixed term or permanent basis. Through our rigorous screening and shortlisting process, our dynamic and highly motivated specialist recruitment team will identify and shortlist the required talent based on our customer requirement.


We offer recruitment services in various roles across different industries, junior, middle and senior management on temporary and permanent basis.


We handle mass recruitment for different industries for various projects. E.g. Metre readers, Graduate Trainees, In-Service Trainees, Apprentice, and Learner ship etc.


We offer executive search for Senior Executives on an exclusive basis.


Undertaking research projects to determine the availability of applicable talent without doing a full search. Amasiko will provide the client with a talent map of the best suitable talent.


Unforeseen problems with employers and employees in the form of claims and litigation, complex laws and regulations can have a tremendous impact on any organization’s bottom line and employee’s future.

Without clear solutions and advice to help you manage these issues, problems can quickly develop that result in negative financial, legal and public relations consequences for employers and loss of earnings or ultimately loss of job for employees